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Voltarians At It Again: Video Of Moving Aboboyaa With No Driver On Funeral Grounds Surfaces Online

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In Ghana, people from the Volta Region are mostly feared among the rest. This is mainly or partly due to the kind of "power" they profess. Many people are of the view that these people have a lot of "juju" power and all that. No one messes with a voltarian knowing how powerful they are and can be. There is a viral video circulating online. This video is quite a surprising one since it has been long since people witnessed or saw such things happening. The incident is alleged to have occurred at Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana. In the video, it seems like people are at a funeral of someone who is dead. What is surprising about the video is that there is a tricycle popularly known as "Aboboyaa" with no driver seated on it yet moving. This has come as a shock to many people who have watched the video. You cannot really tell if the person for which the funeral is taking place could be the owner of the Aboboyaa or was an Aboboyaa driver. Some people think it's juju while others seem not to be surprised.

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