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Man shares his plight on social media after mistakenly giving a beggar 200 cedis instead of 1 cedi

Nowadays, when you walk around town, there are people who usually come to you and try asking for money. Most of these people are kids and sometimes looking at their demeanor, you are forced to give them a penny or two. This life is really not fair and it is very unfortunate that these kids couldn't enjoy life like most kids do. The parents of these kids relax under shades and order them to go out to find money.

They have to walk under the scorching sun and also in many unfavorable weather conditions such as during the rains, in the cold weather etc. just to get food to eat. Sometimes they even go the extreme of soiling the clothes of passers by with dirt just because they need money from them which I personally do not like. These kids don't mind walking with you for as many as three minutes just to see you give them money.

Well, a man has mistakenly given one of those kids 200 Ghana cedis after being confronted by the kid. We all will testify to the fact that the one Ghana cedi note and the 200 Ghana cedi note really look alike. This guy tried to show love by giving the kid a cedi only to realize he had done a great mistake at the end of it all.

He claims this happened under the Shiashi foot bridge and the little boy was wearing a Barcelona jersey as shown below.

I doubt he will find the boy and even if he finds him, getting back his money wouldn't be assured. Everybody is wild in this country and hence, the least mistake you do will send you to the "crying zone".

Netizens had their say on this whole issue and I decided to compile a few of them

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