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'Say No To Stealing': Check How This Thief Was Electrocuted

Most of our young boy of nowadays usually involves themselves in stealing rather than going to search for legal jobs to earn their living.

Some of our youths also normally shares their ideas saying it's lack of job opportunities that leads them in stealing but not their intention to and take people's items without permission.

There is some news going viral on our social media platforms indicating how a thief from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria was electrocuted when trying to steal cables from a transformer which I will like to use this opportunity to share with you.

It was noted that, a yet to be identified man has been electrocuted while allegedly attempting to steal armored cable from a transformer along the "Old Itu Road at Uruk Uso in In It Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State"

It was stated that, the suspect went to operation on Wednesday night where every one was asleep but unfortunately he was killed by the electricity while attempting to steal.

The residents woke up in the morning to find the lifeless body of the suspected thief hanging between the cables with blood dripping out from his nostrils.

This made the witness, called the emergency agencies such as the police, electrical companies and the fire service to come and remove the body from the cables.

Without wasting much time let's view some photos that was taken by some witnesses below.

It was noted in the pictures above that, the place in which the incident occurred was filled with crowed.

This news is trending trending on all over the social media platforms, some people commented that, the man wasn't a thief but rather went to repair some cables whilst others was arguing saying he went to steal.

What do you also have to say about the incident?, kindly drop your opinion at the comment section below

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Akwa Ibom State In It Itu Road Uruk Uso


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