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Husband and wife relationship

Woman finds out her husband has been sleeping with their 6 month old baby girl

A woman identified as Hajia decided to let the world know her painful story. She featured on a show at Oyerepa 100.7 FM this afternoon and she made a revelation about how somebody has been sleeping with her 6 month old baby. This incident started four months ago which implies that, the baby was two months old by then. I am glad the offender has finally been caught.

Listening to her story, you would be made to believe that trusting people will get you finished. Somebody has tormented the life of her 6 month old baby girl and guess what? The offender was no one but her own husband. The question over here is, "Why will you decide to sleep with a 6 month old baby when, your wife is around?"

The baby is obviously not grown enough to receive such strokes and therefore, sleeping with her is only going to make her suffer. The woman claims this is not the first time he has done that. He was caught fingering her older daughter months before this occurrence.

For this case, whenever she wakes up, she realizes the pampers of the child has been removed. The worst case about it all is that, she sees sperms in the pampers and looking at the private part of the kid, you see it has been enlarged. I wouldn't want to show you that picture since it is nasty. The man has really tormented her.

It is alleged that the man sedates his wife before sleeping with the baby so she does not catch him. He probably uses chloroform on her before sleeping with the kid. The woman claims whenever she told her husband that somebody has been sleeping with the baby, he said it was evil spirits. This man is very wicked, how can you hurt this kid?

Hajia took the baby to the hospital and the doctors advised her to put cameras in the corners of the room. She did so but later realized the cameras had been deactivated. When she asked her husband, he insisted that it was still an evil spirit. Well, he has been caught but he is denying it is still not him.

Parents, let us be very careful and also mindful of who we give our kids to. People are wicked and can torment the life of your kid at anytime. By the way, here is the link to the video.

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Hajia Oyerepa


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