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Video: Okomfo Anokye Faces Police In A Gunfight.

The security service of Ghana has become so weak that security personnel themselves fear whenever they are made to patrol at night. Today, a video has been circulating online and the content in the video looked very disturbing. A rasta man, who claimed that he was called Okomfo Anokye was spotted smoking publicly. He was also wielding a sharp cutlass raised in the air. That one not enough, he used a public address system to campaign in a taxi rank, that he will make sure that Ghanaians smoke for free without fear. The people around were hailing him. Having said that, he sent a dare to all the authorities who claimed that weed was illegal to come and arrest him.

Later, the police arrived and warned him to drop his cutlass. Okomfo Anokye did not heed to the warning of the police so the police gave some warning shot which got everyone in that area to run for their life. After the police gave the warning shot, Okomfo Anokye chased the police with the cutlass and for fear of his life, the police all ran away.

Watch video.

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