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At Least These Fire Service Officials Deserves To Be Awarded

Over the years, the Ghana fire service has been reprimanded for always being late at fire incidents. Several shocking stories involving fire department officers have been circulating on the internet for the past few months. A common cab was chartered by the district's fire service personnel in a tiny community, as seen in one of the videos, because their fire tenders were either not working or did not have any at all.

In other films, a cab was burned immediately in front of a fire station, but the firefighters were powerless to stop it. A three-story structure in Makola, Accra, nearly burned down altogether a few days ago when a fire station was only a few minutes away. These are some of the reasons why they have lost confidence in the people.

Nonetheless, some of them are doing some truly incredible good for humanity. A slipped into one of the metallic covers used to cover gutters in some regions of the country, as seen in photos. Many individuals tried to help her, but they were unsuccessful. If they had forced her leg out of the metal, it could have been broken. They requested the assistance of the local fire department after realizing the task was beyond their capabilities.

With a cutting machine and an extension board, they arrived shortly. They used the machine to cut the metal and free the girl from her anguish. At the very least, they should be congratulated or awarded an award for lending a helping hand when it was most needed. These firefighters deserve praise for their excellent work.

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