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Video: See What This Lady Was Trying To Do That Got people Talking.

We go to the playground whenever we don't have some important thing or activity to do. A young lady has been recorded on camera trying to use the Monkey Bar at the playground. Monkey bars are horizontal ladders suspended above the ground by upright poles. They allow you to hop up and swing from bar to bar much like a chimpanzee. And that is what the lady was trying to do with the Monkey bars.

Looking at the screenshot that I'm about to share below, you can see that the lady is afraid when she tries to swing from bar to bar. Although she was bold enough to climb but afraid to use the monkey bar o swing.

Watching the video, you can see people there are trying to motivate her that she can do it but the lady couldn't because she was nervous. People who saw the video can't stop reacting. Some people say grown-up lady like you is afraid to do this whiles small children can do it. And some people also comment about her beauty and curvy body.

Click here to see the video.

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