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Ghana Police has arrested a woman who is the headmistress of prostitutes.

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The Friday night operation, followed by three civilians on criminal activities within sector vicilities at total of 230 suspected criminals and sex workers. Age between 19-35 were rounded up as the end of nearly six hours. The 230 suspects are made up of 145 males and 85 females. Most of the female suspected are foreign nationals, suspected to have been brought into the country by an agent. Key among those arrested (Esi) 32 year old prostitute have recruited many people. Who gave her name as Adake, an Nigerian whore. Has recruite the people and amount of 6,000 Ghana Cedis.

The police said Adake have mated to the first cautions statement. The police further explain that " she is the one who have been recruiting those whores. She recruites them to do those kind of jobs . As she confessed that she was the one who retrieve that amount of money" .

The officers whom deployed for the operations also retrieved other exhibit including dark-dry-leaves. Which is suspected to be Indian hemp, 33 motor bikes many of which are not registered and other electronic gadgets.

The police again explain that "we know what they are doing . And we are not reluctant in our efforts, we will be on them . Wherever they go we will chase them and arrest them for the law can deal with them. Also foreign nationals will be out of the country, for the law abiding citizens will go about their lawful duties without any form of intimidations . We will make sure that every week we conduct such an exercise to rule-out all this criminals from their hide outs" .

The foreign nationals are to be handed to the immigration service for further investigations and actions.

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