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Big Men In Luxurious Cars Visit Him In The Night: Serious Allegation Hits The Fridge Storage Killer

Since the young man accused of keeping flesh human parts in his refrigerator was arrested, different allegations keep unfolding almost every minute. Even though many hours have elapsed after his arrest, residents in the Alaska Abesim community could be seen standing afar with surprises staring at their faces.

They are wondering how he was able to lure his victims to the house and subsequently killing them. They are still wondering how he was able to dissect the human parts into pieces and stored them in the fridge all alone. They still do not understand how he was able to sleep in the same room comfortably with dead bodies in his hall and refrigerator.

There are many questions left answered and only the suspect, Richard Appiah can help us to understand. But another allegation is emerging from the people who live close to where he stays. They indicate that Richard Appiah hardly speaks with his neighbors and receives strange visitors at the night. The allegations are that some big men park luxurious vehicles at his premises mysteriously sometimes. But due to his involvement in football development, they believe he is connected with big men and that could be the reason why those vehicles are seen sometimes there. It was never taken seriously until his arrest.

Now, many people are linking the luxurious vehicles that used to park at his premises to the human parts. They believe that those luxurious vehicles might be purchasing the human parts from Richard Appiah for ritual purposes. The other speculations are that the suspect has been dealing in human parts for many years now because he normally sells used refrigerators to scrap dealers in the area.

Apart from that, there are some suspicious pits in his house suggesting he allegedly buries human parts there. His septic tank is also questionable. If these allegations are true, then Richard is in serious trouble. This is because he will have to present a list of all the accomplices he is been dealing with. He will have to tell the police where they take the human parts to and the revenue he makes for the business.

It cannot be the case that he is mentally unstable as some people are speculating because he did not kill one person. Several allegations point to the fact that Richard who is also a former footballer has been in the business for some time now. Even though the Police have announced the arrest of another person, there could be more accomplices to the crime and they must all be brought to book.

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Fridge Storage Killer Richard Appiah


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