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Trotro mate beats passenger over refusal to pay increased fares

Increments in lorry fare as a result of the rise in fuel prices has caused a whole lot of chaos in many buses and bus terminals. One moment, the bus conductor tells you the price and in the next moment, the prices are no more like it used to. This is very weird and makes passengers feel worried.

Imagine your transport fares being 20 cedis in and out and receiving 700 cedis monthly. Trust me, only the transportation is going to take 600 cedis not to talk about what you will eat, your bills and also, the clothes you will wear. I guess this is what makes most passengers aggressive when they encounter increase in fares.

Currently, there is a video circulating on the social media which features a passenger and a trotro mate fighting. Apparently, this fight is as a result of transport fare from Madina to Lapaz. The mate is demanding for 11 cedis and the passenger is claiming he pays 7.50 cedis.

This misunderstanding precipitated disorderliness as they exchanged blows. Well, I wouldn't blame them. The economy of the country forced them to do so!!! Here is the link to the video.

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