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Our Country Is In Trouble - Armed Robbers Attacking Us In Broad Daylight

Almost everyday, there is a robbery case in our Country Ghana. Armed robberies are becoming rampant in our country. Everybody's life is at risk, everyone is afraid because you don't know when you will be at home and robbers will attack you. You can't walk through or pass by some places by car all because of robbery.

The recent robberies in some parts of Accra where robbery took place in four incidences in a broad daylight shocked a lot of people and the question they keep asking is, are we safe?

In one of the instances at Achimota old station, a motor bike rider was shot to death when the robbers mistook him as a police. In this instance the robbers strategically robbed a woman who has a huge some of money on her. While the woman was waiting in the traffic for the green light to show for her to move, the robbers pointed a gun at her and took an amount of Ghc20.000 from her.

In another instance at Weija Gbawe in Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region, four armed men reportedly attacked couples after withdrawing money from a bank inside the West hills.

This is becoming too much in our country and something is needed to be done about it if not people cannot even sleep in their rooms and sleep in peace.

Personal Opinion: I think this problem can be tackled well when we focus on providing help for the street and homeless hungry children because they grow up to become what we are seeing today in our country.

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