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Passenger traumatize after STC Ghana inability to produce missing luggage

Ghanaians are flooded with many bus companies both government and private owned ones who convey passengers from one end to the other. This has brought competitions between the companies hence, the need to choose one that suit you.

The most convenient and reliable government owned one is the State Transport Company (STC) which have been in the system for decades. They have highly trained drivers and bus conductors who makes travelling much pleasant due to the seriousness they attach to their work.

A young boy has narrated his ordeal about STC which has left him traumatize after his luggage containing his belongings worth of thousands got missing after he got to his destination. According to the young man, he boarded the bus on 29 July, 2021 in Goaso, Bono Region to Accra. His bag was tagged with his seat number and loaded in the car.

He further states that the car made several stops on their way to Accra and after finally getting to his destination, realised his luggage was not part of the luggages loaded. With this, he confronted the bus conductor and the driver which he was told they don't know where his bag is.

The matter was reported to the STC operations room and he was promised of an investigation but according to the man, upon several calls to the operations incharge, nothing has been done and not even the company calling him back.

The most heartbreaking was when he called the bus conductor two days after the incidence, what the conductor told him " don't be calling me like that" as quoted by him. Our portal followed the case and called the STC terminal in Goaso, where the young man boarded the bus from, inquire from the STC worker who tagged and loaded the luggage, and he truely confirmed he was the one who even booked his ticket and loaded his luggage.

This can clearly state that is either the luggage has been handed over to a different person since passengers alighted in towns on their way to Accra. The young man has further requested to file an official complaint to the Ghana Police for further investigation because the things he even brought was to be given to someone and cannot afford to pay such amount.

It is envisaged that STC company looks into the matter to bring peace in the heart of the young man.

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