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A Man Killed His Girlfriend With Gun - Read more

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A man called Kwame Kapoor shot his girl friend all because his girl friend said she will not marry him. This is because Kwame Kapoor has not been doing what a man has to do for a lady and things are hard for her now so she decided not to be with him again.

The lady is also called Sister Gifty. Sister Gifty is at the age of 37 years which means she is older than Kwame Kapoor. Gifty had three kids with Kwame Kapoor and even the last born is just 6 months old. She run to her mother in a small Village saying even if the guy performs the marriage rite for her she will not marry him.

Kwame Kapoor said if Gifty will not marry him then he will take all laws in his hands and shoot her and be free.

So he rushed to her girlfriend's mother's house with his gun and truely shoot her. The mother of Gifty tried to safe the daughter but still the gun got her through her back. After killing her, he threw stone to hit the mother's eye and the mother was also was rushed to the hospital.

Kwame Kapoor quickly run away, after the incident now he has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service.

This is very sad and who will even look after the children, this is a question people have been asking, and it an advice to our ladies to be extra careful when choosing a man to live with.

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Source: Angel Tv/Fm

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