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A Lady Wore Bum Shorts To The Market And Men Harassed Her Because Of That (See Photos)

A Lady Wore Bum Shorts To The Market And Men Harassed Her Because Of That (See Photos)

Fortunately, you can greatly enhance your attractiveness by dressing well. 

Many not some girls wear short or revealing clothes because they want to look attractive and be noticed and they want to be oggled both by men and by other women. That’s the very simple and straightforward reason why so many girls wear such attractive clothes and as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Nothing whatsoever.

Did you know that 1400 years agon an illiterate man said that in End days, nudity, adultry will be common. He also said that when Anti Christ will came most of his followers will be Christians and Jews and most of them would be women.

Just because a woman is dressed sexy doesn’t give a man (or a lesbian) the right to physically touch them in any unwanted way or to stalk them or to catcall or do any of these other lewd things. If a woman wants to be touched let her give you the go ahead to touch her. 

Now the fact is that girls in miniskirts and short shorts are more likely to be groped and even raped. That’s just how it is. But that doesn’t make it right. And that doesn’t mean that you blame the victim for it. The blame for any unwanted touching or stalking or raping goes to the actual perpetrator—e.g. the predator. And it does not mean that the girls should stop dressing sexy. 

A video is distributed online. In the video, a girl is in a very short dress in the back seat of a tricycle. This attracted the interest of many men who without her permission began to touch her.

That is why she doesn't like going to the store, she thinks. A man placed his hand on her and touched her laps, she said.

The man says that he will look after her.

The allegation yelled

In the video, a man suspected of being an advertiser drives a rickshaw to carry such a child. He'd previously touched the woman. It's not pious, he says. Is it piecey to touch a lady, the rickshaw driver answers?

The accused of everything

In the video the operator of the Tricycle was scolded by a man accused of being market tout. The whole thing had been seen before impacting the lady. It wasn't godly, according to him. The rider from Tricycle answered all the question to him if he had a lady to touch?

Many responded to the video quickly. Some people felt the men harassed her because of her dressing. They noticed that there were a lot of ladies on the market, but they were not bothered by anyone.

Some others condemned this, however. She is allowed to put on any cloth she desires according to them.

See the reactions

Do you think she should have worn such a revealing cloth to the market?

Do you feel she got what she deserved?

Do you think the men should be arrested for harassment?

If it were socially acceptable to wear anything, what would you wear? 

A majority of men in the Ghana think a woman is more likely to be sexually harassed or assaulted if she wears revealing clothes, new research suggests.

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