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Kasoa makes it to the headlines again with another serious robbery allegedly involving Nigerians

Young Nigerian phone dealer has been nabbed by the kasoa police after managing to swindle many people in his fraud business. When it comes to some places like Kasoa, circle and many other hot zones, the security departments advice people to mind the way they go about their activities and transactions. This is because the manner in which some people from these towns dupe and swindle people is heartbreaking. Accra is one of the hottest places in the country. And if you find yourself there, you need to ‘shine’ your eyes as much as you can.

A robber with an unknown name and a blared identity was nabbed by Kasoa police this afternoon. He was allegedly working with some people in these fraudulent deals and robbery. Two of the people who managed to get away and were not caught by the police were believed to be a Nigerian and a Ghanaian. They have managed to sell soaps and many other items to people in kasoa as phones and it’s surprising how they manage to get victims everyday.

This time, they did otherwise, the Nigerian man sold a properly working phone for one lady and decided to cross her path later and steal it from her. She allegedly bought an iPhone X for a very cheap amount and was haunted and chased down by the robbers. One phone dealer who claims he had a feel that he should protect the woman called some other boys who closely followed these Nigerian robbers behind a Stanbic bank around.

They managed to closely watch them and saw the robber pointing a knife at this poor woman. The men chased them three robbers down but could only get one out of the three who from his accent affirms his nationality as a Nigerian. The Kasoa police are having him in custody and are advising the general public about these situations.

What the police do not get or comprehend is how after all these warnings people try to purchase expensive items from the road side. Most of the phones and electrical appliances shops are secured and even give warranty so buying these things from the road side only puts you in a dangerous state like we saw this afternoon. The young man according to reports might spend months of his lifetime in jail.

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