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Husband and wife relationship

Husband Beats His Wife Mercilessly For Complaining About Him Hooking Up With Another Lady

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A lady was interviewed this afternoon live at Oyerepa television asking why she has been beaten mercilessly by her husband. The lady has been seriously injured. The lady complain today that she has been married for 2 years with his husband. They both married when his husband had nothing and they both struggled at that time to make a living.

Recently, her husband started making money and all he use the money for was moving from one lady to another. He was living a pervert life and she was very tired with that.

The victim’s statement;

“One day I came home and I found him with a lady on the couch and I got upset with that because I have seen enough of his pervert attitude. I told the lady to get out other wise she is not going to like it. I started having a fight with the lady and my husband came in and started beating me mercilessly. My kids were shouting but he ignored and kept on beating me with his beat hands. I got injured badly to the extent that I couldn’t get up on my feet. Some neighbors helped me out to a near by clinic and I got treated”.

It appears the victim had a rough time with her husband.Dear readers, please let’s be a lot careful and take our courtship serious before getting into marriage to prevent all these violence.

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