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Fraud Alert: See their new ways of getting you into their trap

Share this information to your loved ones to save them from the hands of Fraudsters.

Fraudsters do not sleep until they get someone to take his or her money and personal belongings.

They always make sure to change their methods in order to make them look different from they are used to know.

I had an experience with a fraudster and I want to share it with you for you to be aware in order not to get yourself into their trap.

I had a call from a man who claims he is called Amoah Enoch and he works with the technical team of TV3

According to him, TV3 is creating a WhatsApp platform and is adding some of us in order to seek our views on some news items before telecasting each evening.

I thanked him and told him I appreciate him for selecting me to be part of the team.

He then continued and said a WhatsApp code has been sent to my phone to confirm before I will be activated on the platform so I should be online and mention the code to him. 

I checked and saw the WhatsApp code but was very smart.

I realized that he wanted to use the code to reset my WhatsApp and take access over my sim card and to perform scams in my name. 

I quickly disconnected the call to check my WhatsApp only to realize that my WhatsApp was demanding a new code for reset so I quickly ignored it and cancelled the process.

Please everyone should be vigilant.

This is how this scammers hack and get people's WhatsApp account to be performing all sorts of stupid scam in the name of NLA, world remit and job advertisement.

Be careful and Be smart. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: GH_InformationCenter (via Opera News )

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