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Lake Bosomtwe Is Under Threat

The solitary normal lake in Ghana and the biggest in West Africa, Lake Bosomtwe, hazard being de-recorded as a biosphere save by UNESCO following aimless infringement of the support zone. 

A private engineer has cleared every one of the trees planted to ensure the Lake by the Manhyia Palace and a few NGOs in the climate regardless of bye-laws forbidding any action inside the support zone. 

Arranged in the Ashanti district, the Lake is quite possibly the main vacationer locales in the area and acclaimed as the 'ocean of Ashanti'. 

In any case, endeavors to shield the Lake from contracting and contamination have all the earmarks of being going down the channel. 

Many trees planted to along the banks of the Lake at Pipie, one of the Lake people group, have been chopped down aimlessly. 

The wiping territories, where the fishes lay eggs for multiplication have additionally been annihilated by the designer. 

"The vegetation has been taken around the quick fringe of the lake. It implies that there is a great deal of carbon that we've lost into the air compounding the issue of environment. The annihilation of the wiping zone for the fishes would likewise lessen the gainful limit of the lake", public head of Arocha Ghana, Dr Seth Appiah-Kubi told 

Dr Appiah-Kubi fears Lake Bosomtwe may recoil if the annihilating of the trees isn't halted right away. 

"On the off chance that the peripherals are taken out this way, the Lake will shrivel. We have Lakes that are biting the dust around the globe and we ought not trust that that will happen to our lone Lake", he pushed. 

Queenmother of Pipie, Nana Akuamoah Boatemaa needs the Asantehene to mediate in ensuring and safeguarding the Lake. 

"We beg the Asantehene to go to our guide. Every one of the trees he offered us to plant and sustain have been annihilated by a private engineer. On the off chance that nothing is being done to prevent the private engineer from further annihilating the trees, the local area won't include itself in any tree planting exercise along the bank of the Lake", she noted. 

District Chief Executive of Bosomtwe, Joseph Kwesi 

Accepting cautioned assent would be allotted to any individual who illegal enters the cradle zone. 

"Per our bye-laws, 100 meters from the bank of the Lake is an off limits territory so the private engineer unmistakably intruded. He has at present been given over to the police for arraignment. We need to ensure the Lake and whoever ridicules the laws would be made to confront the law" 

Inhabitants of Pipie have promised not to permit any private designer from further obliterating the trees planted along the Lake. 

Arocha Ghana, a preservation arranged association means to replant trees at the debased zone to ensure the Lake.

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