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Theft robbery

Man Books All Rooms Of A Hotel, Made Away With Television Sets And Other Valuables.

Kumasi hotel in Jasikan in a big trouble because customer steals important items in the rooms. 

The receptionist gave us a report that, she was one-day at work when a young man had just come to the place and asked to rent all the rooms in the hotel.

Without thinking fast, she only gave out the rooms to the man and charged the man to pay the exact amount. She didn't asked the man whether he could sleep in all the room or why he is requesting for all the rooms. 

After the man had spent his days in the room, he stole all equipments such as televisions, air conditioners and many other thing before leaving.

So this caused followers to raise comments like,

Where was the security when the man 

was parking out the items. And the lady did not ask the man anything. For what he was going to use the rooms. But all she knew was to give out the keys to the man. 

The problem was reported to the police, where the lady even forgot that, there was a CCTV camera in that place. So they went to playback the previous videos since the man arrived. And the only footage they had is when the man enters the place. 

The lady gave out the keys without questioning the man. Is the lady to be blamed for the items that was stolen?

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