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Wedded Couple were forced to spend their honeymoon in a stadium as they observe social distancing.

As a punishment for breaking Coronavirus laws, a bride, groom, and their wedding guests were forced to spend the night in an empty stadium.

After being caught exceeding the maximum number of wedding guests, the Rwandan bridal party was taken straight to the stadium.

Some activists say the government broke human rights laws as a result of the process. Rwanda TV is responsible for this image.

Hundreds of people, including the bride and groom, sat with their heads in their hands as they were subjected to their punishment.

According to the BBC, police in Kigali, Rwanda's capital, have prevented at least three weddings for having more than the maximum of 20 guests.

Since the pandemic started last year, Rwanda has recorded more coronavirus cases and deaths.

Other foreign authorities have lauded the country for putting a strong focus on contact tracing.

To stay on top of the virus, community health care staff, police officers, and college students acted as touch tracers.

According to reports, the country is also using human-sized robots to take patients' temperatures and distribute supplies in the COVID-19 clinics.

Despite the fact that some campaigners say the government broke human rights laws in the process.

According to Human Rights Watch, many of those arrested for violating Covid restrictions could have been kept without due process in sports stadiums.

"Spending the evening at a stadium on my wedding day is a bad memory that will never disappear in my life," a bride told the BBC.

"Inflicting pain and shaming people in this way does not make us fear corona or take precautions."

CP John Bosco, the Rwandan National Police Spokesperson, told local media that he was unapologetic about the incident and cautioned that anyone who violated the Covid-19 protocol would face more consequences.

It is hoped that starting June 21, an unlimited number of guests would be permitted because all limitations will be lifted, but the PM stressed that this will be checked closer to the time.

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