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Breaking: Pictures Proving Taadi Kidnapped Woman Was Pregnant Surfaces: Family Members Angry At Minister

The twist and turns in the issue of the kidnapped Takoradi Pregnant lady are getting more heated. The Regional Minister is claiming the lady was never pregnant and only decided to stage her kidnapping to destroy the peaceful atmosphere the Western Region is enjoying. The family has been denied and moved straight to the Takoradi Hospital where their relative has been attending anti-natal to request proof of pregnancy. Even before that, pictures showing the lady was indeed pregnant have emerged. She should be seen in the pictures heavily pregnant in the two different images that have been provided.

The statement by the Regional Minister has gotten the husband of the lady, Edward Amoako Simons, and other family members angry. They do not understand why the Regional Minister will make such allegations when doctors at the Takoradi Hospital have confirmed that their relative is pregnant and has been attending anti-natal.

According to them, almost everyone living in Efiakuma, New Takoradi, and the Market Circle areas knows the woman has taken seed for many months now and the pregnancy keeps growing. The last Friday before the pregnancy, both the husband and wife were at the Takoradi Hospital. Even though the husband was unable to mention the name of the doctor in charge of the wife at the Takoradi Hospital, he is of the firm conviction that nobody can dispute the genuineness of the pregnancy.

The angry family members were at the hospital after the comment by the regional minister to retrieve the document of their relative as proof that she has been visiting the hospital. The administrator of the Takoradi Hospital Reverend Osei Boateng confirmed that the lady has been visiting the hospital since September 2020. Apart from that, she has been visiting the facility a number of times but he did not reveal the details of the condition she came to the hospital with. His reasons are that the hospital operates under rules and regulations so they cannot reveal the information to the public without the consent of the patient. However, the pictures are enough proof that the lady was indeed pregnant.

We can only wait for some time because the police are also requesting the details of the woman from the hospital. If the anti-Natal Unit of the hospital confirms or otherwise the matter will end. The other issue is that the husband seems lost about the report of his wife not being pregnant because the Doctor at the Axim government hospital has since not made any formal communication to him or immediate family members. It is strange that the Regional Minister is speaking about the matter on the radio whilst the husband is not aware of the wife’s condition.

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