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Sad Story Of Beautiful Twins Who Remained Silent For 29Years Until One Had to Sacrifice Her Own Life

Jennifer and June are two beautiful but strange female twins who were born in April 1963. Not long after they were born, their parent were left with a big shock after finding out some trange facts about them.

The twins were born by Aubrey and Gloria Gibbons, both of them are exceptional in their behavior which got their parent worried in the early stages of their lives.

Surprisingly, both of them remained silent when they reached the age when they were supposed to have been talking, both of them were living a silent life. The most surprising part is that they don't talk to anybody not even their parents and they were given the name "silent twins".

Meanwhile, the bond between both of them was so strong to the extent that nobody could separate them, and they even invented a mode of communication that only them could understand.

According to their parent, they communicate with each other by making signs that nobody can comprehend with, and from that moment their parent knew something strange is actually going on.

In their effort to to separate both of them from this type of silent behaviour, their parent enrolled them in different schools but in the end their behaviour got out of hand.

However, despite their silent nature, both of them are highly talented and intelligent, they always write articles and fictional stories when they are alone in their room, and they used to publish them for people to read.

Surprisingly, in another twist to their behaviour, both of them decided test their popularity by making a ssries of books. They chose a new behaviour by engaging in drugs, and they even engaged themselves in a series of crimes, and they were even arrested once and they were charged with taking hard drugs and public disturbances.

After their arrest, they were given 12 years improvement and was taken to a rehabilitation center which also serve as a correctional center for drug addicts.

It was from the prison they realised the true meaning of life, they experienced hell inside prison, they started making various moves and did everything humanly possible to get themselves out of the prison, they even wrote to the queen but their effort was in vain.

Unfortunately, after they were moved to Broadmore Hospital, Jennifer passed away from heart failure but they were released after her death. Sadly, Broadmore's CEO told Jennifer that she had agreed to sacrifice her own life so that June might live her own normal life.

However, after the sudden death of Jennifer, June started relating with her parents, and other people and began living her normal life.

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