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We're Going To Clamp Down The Use Of Motorbikes In The Country - Ghana Police Reveal[document]

The Ghana Police Service has warned an imminent clamping down of motorbikes of all forms across the country to minimise the crime rate which is increasingly becoming endemic in our societies.

According to statement released and signed by the regional coordinator, the idea of clamping down on the use of motorbikes across the country comes as a result of the alarming rate of violent crimes being committed with the use of Motorbikes.

According to Ghana Police, in most cases the Motorbikes being used for such heinous crimes either do not have the requisite documentation or the riders are not licensed to ride those motorbikes.

The statement continued to say that in view of this, blatant disregard of the law and the increasing lawlessness using the motorbikes, it is imperative that the Ghana Police Service take drastic measures to clamp on this lawlessness.

The Ghana Police Service sent message to all regional commands not to tolerate the use of Motorbikes with pillion rider. They always warned that plans are far advanced to initiate operation arrest unlicensed riders and impound motorbikes without requisite documentations.

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