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END TIME IS NEAR: See What This Lady Was Caught doing With Her Own Daughter in Public With a Bible

A mother and her daughter caught parading themselves on the street as preachers unclad and using all sorts of spiritual languages which has left many people wondering if the end time is finally here.

The lady was cited unclad with her grown up daughter carrying a book that looks like a Bible, while she wrapped her arm around her daughter's neck, she can be heard in the video screaming and informing people that they have come to call people to pray and submit their selves to Christ.

According to confirmed information, she put up these attitude for two reasons, the first one been that she got unclad in order to capture people's attention, so they would focus on the message which she wants to get across to them and to explain to the people that our body is nothing because after death it turns to dust.

Meanwhile, she even went to the extent of touching her daught inappropriately which angered passebys and got people wondering if she's truly preaching the word of God or something else. The people were left surprised and screaming when she started touching her daughter, with some people calling her sort of names because of her behaviour in public.

Do you think she's truly preaching the word of God? let's hear your thoughts

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