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Arrest him now -This man leaked videos of ladies he slept with; 15 of them are married women

A man has done an unbelievable thing in Prestea which is causing stir online. Papa Agyei as the name was given has leaked naked videos of women she has slept with and fifteen of them are married. According to the news that was reported by Angel News, Papa Agyei lives in South Africa and returned to Ghana some time ago. Since he returned, womanising is something he does and the awful thing is that, anytime he proposes and the person agrees, he sets camera on them when they are doing the do.

He has slept with over twenty (20) women and all of them, he sets camera and begins to capture everything that happens. The moaning and screaming during intercourse were all captured. Some of them too, he will make a video call and tells the ladies to go naked. They will also oblige and follow his instructions. He even took a video of one lady who was bathing and everything was showing according to the report. The videos couldn't be broadcast by Angel FM according to legal issues.

This man has intentionally released all the videos on social media and out of the twenty women, fifteen of them are married. The videos have caused fear and panic in the community. One of the women's husband saw the video and his heart couldn't hold and collapsed. He battled with his life until he finally gave up the ghost at the hospital. The man has reportedly died as a result of the video he saw. The issue has been settled at the Palace House but according to the reports, the woman does not believe it is because of the video that made her husband died and the men whose girlfriends and wives were part couldn't fathom why such should happen. Q

This should be a lesson to women who are found of making adult videos anytime they are in a relationship. Indirectly, this man has killed because had it not the video, the man wouldn't have collapsed in the first place. Unlawful leakage of these videos is also a criminal offence which demands an arrest. Paa Joe must be arrested for causing such shameful act.

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