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Video: Unidentified Man Spotted Putting Up A Structure Under The Kwame Nkrumah Interchange.

As a citizen, I continue to believe that Ghanaians are the most difficult people to work with. Many individuals are unconcerned about national assets, but these are the same people who are screaming for the country to be fixed, but they are unaware that their own irresponsible behavior is threatening to destroy the country. Personally, I've seen a number of people who were caught dumping trash into a gutter when it was raining excessively. These individuals will clog the gutters with their illiterate behavior, then turn around and seek the government for help when they are swept away by a flood.

When they are told to do the right thing, some of them start spewing insults. How will we be able to progress if we continue to act like animals? The country's second-largest interchange, Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange, commonly known as Dubai, was created solely to relieve severe traffic congestion. Because of how it has been improperly managed, the once most gorgeous Interchange has lost its luster today.

Someone was witnessed erecting a structure beneath the bridge in this unsettling footage. Two bags of cement were already utilized to raise the alleged building to a significant height, as seen in the video. Another bag of cement was discovered unopened and waiting to be used. These structures can be found beneath many of the country's interchanges. The Dome Interchange is a good example of this, where individuals have built structures and are selling a variety of delicacies.

It was recently reported that a full chop bar canteen had been built beneath the freshly constructed Pokuase Interchange. Is it possible that the system is broken and that's why all of this is allowed? Have the authorities seen them or are they about to see them? It's past time to put the system to work for the country's benefit; else, let's forget about real development.

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