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Just in:Pastor’s wife storms church after she caught him cheating(video).

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman which therefore calls for loyalty all the times. Without loyalty, most marriages stake on thin ices which tends to affect the couples in all ways negatively.

In this article, a pastor who has a wife has gone forward to marry another woman secretly which according to his first wife is the sister of her husband’s organist.

She stormed the church as service was in progress so as to make it known to each and every member of the church, the behavior of their spiritual father. She destroyed almost all the singing instruments which he pleaded that’s she should spare those ones because they cost a lot. She also destroyed flower pots and torn the internal decoration curtains apart. In fact, she left the church in a while state of mess and she reigned insults and curses on him whiles destroying the church’s properties.

Let is all avoid this shame by being loyal and honest to our partners.

Check out the video of the sad incident via the link below.

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