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Very Sad: Check Out Where This Man Is Living As He Was Captured Collecting Food From A Helper

A poor man has been captured collecting food from a man in apparel like that of the Natural Disaster Management Organization (NADMO). One cannot tell whether he is a Ghanaian but this is definitely somewhere in Africa. It appears the whole vicinity got flooded but the man was still living in this place.

Normally, when an area gets flooded, people living in the area vacate the place for the water to dry off before they return back. But this man seems to have no place to go. The place looks very scary, with how the water looks like any dangerous animal can hide inside and harm this man.

He might probably be a caretaker of this land for someone. Landowners normally put up single rooms on their land for people to stay in to protect the land for them. This is to prevent land guards, chiefs and any other person from re-selling the land to another person. Most caretakers are not paid by their landowners. Landowners see this act as helping the caretaker to get a place to sleep.

But where this man is living is soo sad. It would even be better if he sleeps on the street. Dangerous animals in the water can attack this man at night. The man was captured thinking the NADMO officer severally for bringing him food. The level of the water clearly shows that his room is flooded. This is really sad.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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Very Sad


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