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I’ll Not Drive Carelessly Again: Judge Orders Arrested Drivers To Hold Placards For One Week

Careless driving has been a canker on the roads of Ghana for many years. Many drivers who have engaged in careless driving have as well caused many accidents leading to deaths and injuries. They also create problems for other drivers with their actions and above all, it is against the laws to drive carelessly.

About twenty drivers are currently in serious trouble after the police arrested them for various road traffic offenses. They were paraded before the Abekah Circuit Court in the Greater Accra Region to answer for their crimes. Whilst some of them were accused of driving on the shoulders of the road, others were facing charges of driving without the required papers and many others.

They were all found guilty of the offenses and the court asked them to pay an amount of GHC 600 each or spend a jail term. Apart from that, some of them have had their vehicles impounded by the court and the judge has asked them to embark on a special punishment before they will be released to them. They are supposed to hold placards with the inscription, “I will not drive carelessly again” for one week.

It is unknown how many hours they will be holding the placards but each of the drivers has been given a location to display their educative piece. This will be supervised daily by the police until the one-week period is due. They are supposed to show the placards to other road users that driving carelessly can land them in trouble. 


After one week, they are free to go back for their vehicles. The action by the judge has been widely applauded because the punishment is enough to deter other road users from driving carelessly on the road. If more of such punishments had been offered earlier for minor offenses, most drivers would have been careful whilst on the road. This will go a long way to reduce road accidents in Ghana. Others must take lessons from the punishment given to the drivers and ensure the road is safe for all.

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