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Another Sad News As An Eleven Year Old Boy At Yeji Gets Striked By A Big Tree.

Just recently the whole of Ghana was hit by a tragedy upon 25 children who went to play football at Apam beach. The kid's after playing the football, decided to wash their feet off the sand before going home. Unfortunately, all of them swept away by a heavy wave of which 13 of them perished. Currently, there is a mass burial performed by the chief and people of Apam after a sacrifice was made to appease the gods of the land.

Another news coming up this afternoon reveals that, a young boy of thirteen years old at Yeji was having his lunch under a tree during which the wind blew and broke one of the branches of the tree into the boy who was sitting under the tree. The kid went unconscious and was rushed to the hospital for medical checkups.

Doctors have advised that an ex -ray should be done to ensure or see if there are any fractures in the bones.

However, school authorities in the school have decided to bring down the tree to avoid any future occurrences. The tree used to be a shade for the school children during break time under the hot sun.

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