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A Maid Left People Wondering After She Was Caught By CCT Secretly Cooking Food By Using Her Urine

A housemaid who was entrusted by her employer to attend to the household chores has left tongues wagging after she was busted preparing family meals using her urine.

Social media is booming over the news of a 19 - year old girl who was caught for using her urine to cook for the family she works for as a maid.

According to reports a family hired a housemaid to help with the everyday tasks of running the family. When the housemaid tried to prepare her supper using her urine instead of water, her boss caught her.

A video posted online shows the house help being questioned about why she had a jug of urine in the kitchen, according to reports.

According to her boss, she was going to cook using her pee. The maid who said she had been mistreated by the family of her boss took vengeance on the entire home by preparing meals for them secretly using pee.

As reported by start, the girl was captured by a hiden CCTV camera in her boss's house, which was put to keep tabs on her actions while they were away.

In response to questions about why she carried out the horrific crime, she replied that she sought vengeance since her boss had repeatedly mistreated her. she claimed.

If you happened to be this maid's boss how would you handle this case. Would you best her or fire her or handle her over to police.

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