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After suffering serious headache, see what a lady found out on her fiancé's bed (photos)

After 2 days a headache and a young man told me that he had a dream that I had a miscarriage which was very badly injured.

A woman grieves about what her husband has done to her when he is not with her to allow another girl to visit her in the same room where he sleeps with his wife.

The second girl did this because she wanted the woman to miscarry and lose the baby, to fight her father, to part with him, to meet him permanently.

Some dreams that you dream at night do not take them as a joke, make sure you know how to translate them.

Please, man, when you know that your side-chick respects your wife, you save your wife from the devil, your side-chick is big, what can, what your family chooses.

What that woman saw was very painful to lose your pregnancy to someone who fought for your husband.

A man takes care of your own girl will never dazzle you he goes where your wife leaves him as a side girl Be careful this is what destroys many families and homes some women use airplanes to win you over and don't know what your life is your wife for no reason.

This is your final warning that you all love your wife as much as she loves you. Side Chick is a serial killer. Be sure to search his bag before he enters your seat to see what's inside, to know that you are not living with a monster that will destroy your family peacefully.

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