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Road Accident

The man who got his head divided into two due to a deadly disaster

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it's a brand new day thank God for the gift of life and thank you for clicking on my article I appreciate your time and today's topic is about the man who survived the impossible which has caused a massive stir online.

Nowadays some drivers do not conform to the road safety rules which are now causing many deaths in some parts of the world.

This half headed man was involved in a fatal accident which many people think he will not survive because it is impossible. According to Aman’s wife, Aman woke up early in the morning to go to work but on Aman’s way an overspeeding car came to hit his motor vehicle because he was a motorcyclist and he was rushed to the hospital.

Many people thought he was dead but he was saved and now normal but with half head.

This news is from my reference Afrimax English.

Thanks for reading my article may God richly bless you and don't forget to perform the covid protocols.

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