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Man In Viral Video Failed To Write "4" Even When Observers Placed A Bet Of Ghs110 On It

Education they say is very key to the development of every nation and this viral video circulating everywhere on social media clearly explains that as Ghanaians we have a lot of work to do in educating ourselves and the future generations.

There is this viral video circulating everywhere on facebook showing a young man trying and struggling to write a chalk on a floor.

The video started when those capturing the scene told him to write four '4' of which he agreed to write but he tried to for sometime but he could not write it.

So when the those observing him realized he was struggling to write the number, one of them who was mentioned as his master wrote the number four on the floor for him to copy.

He took a look at the number for about thirty seconds but he still could not write the number 4. Then one of them placed a bet of Ghs 100 on it and another person included an additional Ghs 10 but he still failed to write the number 4.

Below is the link to the video of the young man struggling to write the number 4.

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