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Is Ghana Card The Green Card? - Ghanaians React To Long Queues At Filling Station

We are in a technologically advancing world. Day by day, people try to make life easier by reducing all form of stress. The ongoing linking your Ghana Card to your SIM card is quite stressful to some people.

For those of you unaware, the deadline is approaching fast. As such, people are making their way to stations in other to link their Ghana card to their SIM Card. MTN is particular on doing that. Failure to do so might lead to loss of your SIM card.

People are therefore desperate to do the whole process. The picture above shows a long queue. The reason for the queue is because they want to link their SIM card. The photo attracted a lot of comments. Some even asked that "Is Ghana card the green card?"

Some Ghanaians are asking why it can be done online since we are in a technologically advance world. That would reduce the long queues and stress.

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