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Unknown Men with Powerful weapons Chased my Boys from Saglemi - Captain Smart sadly states

Captain Smart on his show this morning was fanstanstic. But his eagerness suddenly turned into a sad state as he recount how unknown persons chased his Boys when they went to Saglemi to capture the abandon affordable housing projects that are persihsing in the bush.

It is a High time Authorities in Ghana will start to do something to help Ghanaians who are trying to do their best for the good of all citizens. In countries where Journalists are always endangered and threatened, it will make it difficult for that Nation to progress.

CAPTAIN Smart drops his lamentations and sentiment this morning when he was talking the struggles they normally goes through whenever they visit places to take pictures of whatever is going on there. As a result of this, CAPTAIN Smart Boldly reveal that, Some of his Boys were sent to Saglemi to capture the abaddon houses and how they are detolerating. The Known Journalist made it clear that, a group of men who were armed with powerful weapons such as Guns chased his boys in other to prevent them from taking pictures of Saglemi abandon affordable housing projects.

"You do not have any idea of what we normally go through to give pictures of various places. By Boys were chased with Guns by unknown men when they visited Saglemi." - Captain Smart sadly stated.

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