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We Robbed A Foreigner Of 500,000 CFA: Young Prisoner Tells Harrowing Armed Robbery Story

Kwaku Frimpong was one of the young apprentices at an electric welding shop in the Ashanti Region. It was Christmas and his boss asked them to spend some days with their parents. With the few days offered, Kwaku Frimpong decided to visit his mother at Asante Bekwai to have a good time. He met a niece to his father at their home and they were sharing a room together.

One day, the niece of his father asked Kwaku Frimpong to accompany him somewhere. With excitement, Kwaku Frimpong followed and they moved to town. With them was a knife and other weapons for action. Unknowingly the niece of his father had already planned an armed robbery with a target in mind and he already knew where the person was. As they were moving along the road, the nice of his father told him the plan and his role.

It was a tough time for Kwaku Frimpong since he had not been in such a deadly situation before but he had no other option than to oblige. Their target had returned from one of the French countries and had a lot of money on him. It was a matter of life or death, it was either they get the money or the scene will turn bloody.

The two met the man along the road and they decided to carry out the operation, they pulled the knife and took an amount of 500,000 CFA, a wristwatch, a mobile phone, and other personal belongings of the French man. They both left the scene and went back to their room to enjoy the loot.

Unfortunately for them, the police tracked them down and arrested Kwaku Frimpong. He was paraded before the court and pleaded guilty. Kwaku Frimpong was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for robbery and has spent three years so far. His dreams of becoming a professional electric welder have been shattered, he also did not receive his share of the stolen money before the arrest.

He has shown rumors and sworn never to indulge in such an act again because life in prison has been very difficult for him as a young boy of twenty-six years. For now, he has enrolled in the prison school and is prepared to sit for the final examination. The story of Kwaku Frimpong should serve as a lesson to all. We must always watch the kind of people we call friends. Whilst some are good, others will push us into trouble. If Kwaku Frimpong had not followed the niece of his father, he would have completed the job by now and could be making genuine money.

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