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Road Accident

Always Drive Carefully, Sad Photos Of Terrible Motorcycle Accidents In Ghana & Around The World

Always Drive Carefully, Sad Photos Of Terrible Motorcycle Accidents In Ghana & Around The World

Accidents happen unintentionally. Drivers still put in their possible best to avert car accidents, accidents still occur. Hence, driving a car safely top the most vital components when in a traffic jam.

Every year, approximately 1.25 million people die in car accidents around the world. Some of them die at the scene, while others survive long enough to receive medical treatment, but tragically succumb to their injuries

Injuries from car accidents are as varied as the circumstances leading to each collision. While some injuries may heal in days with minimum medical treatment or no treatment at all, serious injuries are permanent and cause some physical disability or the other.

This article cover's some terrible and sad motorcycle accidents that happened in Ghana and around. Take you time to see for yourself and always put in mind that accidents are real.

Most of these accidents are caused by the riders, some caused by little distractions, and some also by over speeding.

Underage drinking and drug use is illegal. Even if you've consumed only one drink or smoked one joint, there is a chemical effect on your brain that can impair judgment and reaction time. Driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs can cost you your license - or your life. Visit Above the Influence for more facts on drug use.

Please all drivers including car and motorcycle drivers should try to be careful because, life is very important and cannot be bought.

Please always drive safely at all times because human life cannot be bought.

riders should always ride to caution and carefulness, so to avoid some accidents on highway because it has lead to some many lost of lives and to some, it has created an ever lasting damage to victims.

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