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Man was beaten by one of the Npp executive

Hello, everyone am glad to see you again.

Anyway, let go straight to today’s article.

This happened in Kasoa waja. A man who was cripple and had stay in a wheel chair for the whole of his lifetime was wounded by a man called "ASAFUOASHIE" who people normally call him Nii Adeye in his area.

This happen when Nii Adeye used to have misunderstanding with the crippled man’s sister. However according to the cripple man’s brother he said this Nii Adeye was passing at back of their house and he decide to urinate at the back of the house where the cripple man used to stay. This was when the crippled man was the only person in the house, so he shout and said "who is that urinating at the back of the house".

This made Nii Adeye angry and he enter the room, grab the cripple man and he started to beat him mercilessly.

He then carry the man and his wheel chair outside the room and he used a knife to cut the neck, hand and the face of the cripple man in the wheel chair.

The man in the wheel chair was very upset so he said to Nii Adeye that he should him kill him because he is very tired in this life. Nii Adeye bust into anger again and went home to take gun came back to the man in the wheel chair hit him with gun several until the man in the wheel chair bleed all over his body.

The man in the wheel chair was sent to hospital for treatment by his brothers and later went to RCC waja police station to report what had happen.

However, the inspector of police refuse to do anything about it and he told them that the police are busy taking caring of the student who are writing (BECE) today.

Until now, the man had not been arrest. According to the man in the wheel chairs brother, he said Nii Adeye one off the NPP party executives.

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