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To Marry Any Lady In Saudi Arabia, You Must Agree With These 5 Conditions Or Forget The Marriage

Every Tom and Harry know that once you fall in love with a woman, you usually tend to do anything in the world to make sure that sooner or later you will marry her.

According to Quora (a question and answer based platform) they have scored 5 questions that you would like to know before marrying a Saudi woman:

1. You must get permission from the Saudi government:

If you made a card for your Saudi queen's wedding under royal rules, she would like to receive a special exemption from the authorities for marrying a non-Saudi country. The process is lengthy and bureaucratic, albeit basic, if you prefer your marriage legalized in Saudi Arabia.

2. You will need to take a number of drug tests:

According to Saudi policy, foreign boys who wish to marry Saudi women must undergo premarital treatment and consider all drugs, narcotics and alcohol. It is forbidden to report that the examination of fines for these substances will deny the applicant permission to marry.


3. You cannot divorce after marriage:

If, as a foreigner, you are inclined to divorce her, there may be a high risk that custody of your child will be transferred to the bride's family unless it can be ascertained that they are grossly unfit parents.

4. If your children were abducted with the help of your wife after marriage, do not consider them a crime:

Saudi Arabia no longer signs the The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction, so the Saudi father or mother (wife) kidnaps the baby from her husband without any consequence in Saudi Arabia, as currently no kidnapping is being considered.

5. You may not now share the same room as your wife:

Once you enter family happiness, personalizing will result in most family functions being cut off through the use of sex. Some residences have separate entrances, rooms and rooms for men and women. So arrange for you to sleep and stay away from your wife.

6. Expect strong interference with your marriage:

The Saudi household is tribal, interconnected and very concerned about each other's lives. Those skills are a huge leadership community (numbering in the thousands!) For couples, but they also enter and greatly impact your life. So please interfere in your marriage.

Content created and supplied by: Ashamoa004 (via Opera News )

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