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Check Out: The Only Way Your Destiny Can Be Removed By Evil Spirits And How To Restore It Back.

Evangelist Adu Asare revealed how and when to see when someone is taking your child your destiny and what to do to stop it.

Evangelist Revealed that, the destiny of any human being is at three place and one is on the head the other in the house hands and the other is in the mouth.

He said when someone wants to take your destiny from you and he/she place his/her hand on the top of the head of the child or the person and mention the name of the child or the person for 3 times. Then the destiny of the child or the person will be removed.

He also said the other one In the palm is canned also be removed by spitting into the hands of the child or the victim and the destiny will be removed.

Same as the palm or hands doing the same applies to the mouth, is by spitting into the mouth.

He said the only way to prevent this is by praying excessively when you realized something like this been done to you or your child, that is the only way to break it.

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Adu Asare


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