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'That is what humans do' - Ambulance driver applauded for saving his quarrelsome neighbour

George Agyabeng, 42, has been living at Pataase for eight years and a driver for twenty years, and in all those years, has never allowed his ego compromised on his work and life. George was in his house preparing to have his evening meal when an emergency call came to his phone. Where are you, George? your neighbour has fainted, the caller said before George lost his appetite from the food his wife had served him.

George rushed outside and all he could see was his three-door neighbour, a man he has been fighting with for some time now, gasping for air on the ground. Please come here, the caller called George over to the site of the incident. What's happening to him, nobody could explain to George until he burnt down to his knees and started checking the victim's pulse.

George with his twenty years of ambulance experience managed to verify the man was still unconscious before rushing back to his house for his keys, and driving to the South Pataase Hospital before he was referred to the Manhyia district hospital. George never for once thought about the insults the young man, name withheld, has poured onto him in the community over some unsolved issues. 

George did his humanitarian duties and that is worth celebrating, the wife of the victim, Sarah Pokuaa said in thanking George for saving her husband's life. The caller who called George on the phone; Deaconess Agartha Yeboah, applauded George for putting their differences aside and saving the community from mourning. That is what humans do, saving one another in trouble and not thinking about the pains the said person has put you through, the deaconess said.

The victim is doing well at the Manhyia hospital after he was driven there last night by his loggerhead neighbour George. The Pataase Abrom community hopes both George and the victim will use this to settle their loggerhead differences. It is rumoured both (George and the victim) have been at loggerhead for close to three years over some minor issues.

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