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U/W: Upper West Alarmed as many Burkinabés reportedly Troop Downwards

Residents of the Sissala Constituencies including Sissala East and West are in a state of fear as some Burkinabés have been spotted in a viral video trooping downwards of Burkina into the Ghana.

The Populace who were speaking the Mossi language were mostly women holding polythene bags in their hands.

This development according to some residents of Tumu is alarming and scary as they claim some terrorists may attempt following them inn, they added that amidst the closure of borders and covid-19 pandemic, they suspect such people could carry infections.

In a Statement Issued by Radford FM, a media station in Upper West Region, they had this to say:

"RadfordFM has sited this video which is been rumored that the people are moving into Tumu from Burkinafaso has been denied by a source at the Tumu office of the Ghana Immigration Service.

The source said further that 'should any body get any information about any such movement, the relevant authorities should be reached''.

Some Reactions

Yakubu K Rashida

"They are speaking moshie

I wonder where they are going"

Queen Rahinatu Dalus Mohammed

"Ehiii all these people".

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