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Meet the 21year old baby who is worshipped as God and has refused to grow up for this reason

A man is being adored as the restoration of a Hindu God after a mysterious condition left him just 23 inches tall and has would not develop in view of an uncommon ailment, reports Dailymail. 

The man perceived as Manpreet Singh, 21, is a comparative height and weight as a multi month old child and is acknowledged to be most likely the briefest individual on earth. 

At the present time unseen, his condition remains a mystery. Be that as it may, presently, as of now neighborhood occupants in Punjab, India, treat him as a divine being and visit him for quite a while to be 'venerated'. 

As per his folks Jagtar Singh and Manjeet Kaur, the child is fit as a fiddle however by one way or another, he isn't creating and has wouldn't grow up since he was a half year old. Lamentably, experts have never examined him suitably as his family have consistently been not able to bear the expense of clinical treatment. 

Jagtar expressed: 'We don't have money to pay for his treatment.' 

Besides, Mr Singh can't talk and walk – he quit moving his legs when he was three. However, his family request that he notwithstanding everything conveys satisfaction to his fellow residents. 

'We have taken him to various experts since his was brought into the world in to the world anyway around 5-7 experts unveiled to us that he is encountering thyroid and he can be restored fittingly,' his mother said. 

'Obviously, we have given him a huge load of medications and there is no genuine distinction.' 

She included: 'Among his relatives, similarly as the people who start from outside, he is seen as like a God. Whoever he favors will get their craving fulfilled. 

'People don't bullu my youngster for being short. We don't feel terrible or offensive about him. We overall love him. Individuals love him a ton. Individuals come to love him customary.' 

Strikingly, Mr Singh has two kinfolk, both of whom have typical height, stature and weight. His 19-year-old sister Jaspreet stays at home to mind of him. 

In any case, the family need him to get adored and well known with the objective that they can get sufficient money for his treatment. 

'We have directed a huge load of trained professionals anyway they moreover don't have any assumption. In any case, if by any chance there is an opportunity, I couldn't be more cheerful,' his father said

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