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Who is The Cause of Rubbery And Murders in Our Country? - Wach Out

Rubbery and all sort of murder cases are becoming rampant in our communities as well as our country. Always you will hear there is rubbery here and there. The question that usually comes to mind is who is responsible for all these rubbery and murders.

We use to ask, which people are responsible for these rubbery. The right answer to this questions is that, we are all responsible for these rubbery and murder in our country.

I want to bring to your mind the reasons why I said we are all responsible for these problems. Today when you walk on the streets of our communities you will not come back home without seeing a child on the street homeless. The question you will ask yourself is, don't they have houses? Don't they have parent? They are on the streets trying hard to survive because they don't have any support from anyone.

These children grow up on the street and they don't get any support from society. Therefore, they decide to go join some groups which land them in those irresponsible groups and they also become irresponsible people in the country. They go about killing people for money or take part in rubbery in other to get something to eat.

We neglet these children on the street and we take no care about them and they grow up to become irresponsible people that our country does not like.

I am charging us all to go to the street and take care of those children on the street and I know God will bless us.

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This is my opinion about this country. Let's all take care of the street children so that they won't grow to become who we don't want them to be.

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