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Oheneyere: It's Frustrating when people get Abusive and Angry at me for my Inability to Help Them

Oheneyire Gifty Anti has shared her frustration about how some people who goes to her inbox to seek for help uses abusive language on her when she is unable to help. 

According to her, every time she goes into her inbox she could get not less than ten people asking for one help or the other. 

She remarked that though she knows that some people genuinely need help, she is just one person trying her best to help. 

Based on this, the philanthropist enumerated the various Foundations she has set up for some of these course. 

She indicated that through these foundations, she offers diverse help to the poor and needy in some of our rural communities. 

These foundations are :

1. Girl in Need Foundation - This foundation is established to help young girls go to school. 

2. Awo Dansoa Reading Project is also established to help children in rural communities fall in love with reading by supplying them with story books.

3. Awo Dansoa Happy Feet; According to her, through this, she helps to provide shoes for children in rural communities especially during Christmas. 

Oheneyire also indicated that apart from the three projects listed above, there are many individuals she is supporting. 

She made it clear that, she's not a rich woman but she is just trying to help and for that matter she can't help every one. 

"It's emotionally draining because really, if I had, I would give. 

I also need help, I need encouragement, motivation etc". She indicated. 

On the lighter note, Oheneyire also listed some of the things she also need. 

These includes iPhone 13 and white Range Rover. Haha. 

Oheneyire Gifty Anti said that despite her own challenges, she tries her best to help as many people as she can. 

She ended by saying; "Ma br3 oo. Hmmm. 

But God dey! 

May we all find our destiny Helpers soon". 

As a writer, I will also add that, though we all need help with one thing or another, we should understand some of these celebrities because a lot of people reach out to them for support. 

Content created and supplied by: AJArthurOpare (via Opera News )

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