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Man catches wife in bed with his friend, tells him to pay KSh 240,000 and take her

A Tanzanian businessman surprised many with his reaction when he found out that his wife was cheating on him with his girlfriend.

He caught his wife and girlfriend in bed but did not make a fuss and did not become aggressive, demanding to be paid.

According to EA TV, the husband, identified as Issa Kasili of Mpimbwe, caught his wife having an affair with her boyfriend Mayombi Mwela at a guesthouse and later demanded 240,000 KSH (N893,799).

In a viral video, an angry Casilly collides with the two at a guesthouse.

He rebukes Mayomba; "You slept with my wife Mayombi, you did what you wanted to do."

Talking to his wife, Cassili said; “You gave birth to my child and now you think you are inviolable. Our marriage ends from now on.

Cassili then told Mombi to marry the woman before demanding payment.

"Give me back my expenses and take her, she's already your wife," he said.

It turned out that Mayombi Kasili had immediately paid the requested amount.

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