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Man in trouble over Grasscutter

Man in trouble over Grasscutter 

Bismarck Antwi, a 29-year old man is with the Effiduase police for allegedly murdering his brother over a grasscutter. Bismarck Antwi and his twin brother Gideon Antwi are brothers from the same parents who have been playing along ever since they came to earth together. Bismarck is the younger brother whiles Gideon, the elder brother has been murdered. Bismarck yesterday morning went to call his twin brother while he was sleeping over their plans for the Wednesday hunting games. They both play games every Wednesday and brings home numerous bush meat. Both brothers have been doing this for over three years now and it wasn't the first time Bismarck called on his brother for their game in the early morning. 

Gideon's wife had in the previous night, had dreams of her husband dying from gun wounds, and did her best to prevent her from going to the bush to play their little hunting games. Gideon who has been married for five years with three children didn't listen to the dreams of his wife and took his gun and left with his brother to the Effiduase forest where they usually hunt their animals. Gideon nobody knew what happened to him, was found dead this morning in the forest after Effiduase police went through the forest on the accounts of Bismarck.

Bismarck runs home this early morning that, a ghost has been chasing them when they found a grasscutter in the forest. Gideon who was leading the way to the forest yesterday was the first to see the animal and tapped his younger brother Bismarck, and together with their experience in hunting, they fired their shots in the direction of the animal. Both of them missed the animal on the first shot and run in the direction of the animal just to catch him on the second time.

They found the animal the second time and shot at it, but the animal still didn't die and kept moving. Bismarck went towards the animal and fired another shot at the animal which killed the animal. Bismarck heard a loud sound coming from his back as soon as he shot the animal for the third time, and immediately after that, three men appeared in white robes that, the grasscutter he Bismarck had shot, was their brother and if he didn't give the animal back, they will take his brother in return. Bismarck thinking it was a joke, laughed together with his brother Gideon and before they could finish laughing, the three men in robes had disappeared again.

They began running for their lives after the three men disappeared and threw the grasscutter away but luck was not on Gideon's side as he fell and died on the way out of the forest. Bismarck kept running when he heard his brother been crushed to death. Bismarck narrated his side of the issue to the family who sent a delegation to the forest this morning to confirm the issue. The delegation which included three armed police officers found Gideon at the entrance of the forest with three gun wounds. He was shot thrice on the back just as the grasscutter was shot three times. 

Bismarck denied murdering his brother that the ghost they saw, were the ones was that took his brother's life because of the grasscutter they killed in the forest yesterday. The wife of Gideon who was shot thrice at the back narrated how she saw her husband been murdered in her dream and kept crying whiles she blamed Bismarck for the death of her husband. Bismarck is still in Effiduase Police Cells helping with investigations.

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