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Meet The Woman Who Was Sentenced To 723 Years In Prison, People Call Her 'Monster Mum'.

Its a common thing for some criminals to be sentenced to long term years of imprisonment after they must have been found guilty of their crimes. But what if you were given a sentence of 723 years? How would you react? And is it right or fair to give someone a sentence that long to handle, no matter their crimes? This was exactly what I was puzzled to know more about immediately I came across the story of Lisa Lesher.

Recently, I was busy scrolling through klmy Twitter feeds as usual and looking for new stories and updates. Then I came across the story of this woman called Lisa. According to what I read in the post, the 41 years old lady was sentenced to a whooping 723 years imprisonment last year without any form of bail or a payroll. Its quite crystal clear that she would be spending the rest of her miserable life in jail. I began to wonder, what could have been her crime to fathom such a long sentence.

Well, here's the story. Her name is Lisa Marie Lesher, a lady who lived in the state of Alabama, USA. She had a daughter from a previous marriage and then married again to a man called Michael Lesher, who also happened to have a daughter. So they all started living together as a family. However, Lisa and her husband we're caught torturing the girls and abusing them sexually.

It happened for so many years, until they we're caught by one of the girl's school teachers who saw a "love bit" on her neck. Proper investigations we're carried out and Lisa and her husband we're immediately arrested for child abuse and other related offenses. The actually kick started back in the year 2007 but because the girls we're still too young to give their accounts of the story, the case was adjourned and it was later in 2019, after so many years, they were able to testify against their parents. See a picture of her husband below;

The grown up girls spoke plainly and very clearly in details, about what they went through in the hands of their parents, the sexual torture and abuse as well. They nicknamed Lisa 'Monster mum' and said she was the main mastermind behind everything. Lisa's husband and father to one of the girls was sentenced to 438 years in prison while Lisa was given a longer sentence of 723 years.

723 years imprisonment is really long and there's no hope for Lisa to ever get out of jail. Its more like spending the rest of her life in prison. So my dear readers, what do you think of this woman, do you think this amount of years in prison is suitable enough for her crime? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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