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Why You Shouldn't Allow People to Touch Your Head

The Head is an important part of the body, a very sensitive area one should protect.

Some major situations we should note is the fact that the Ghana Police Service insists that we wear a crush helmets to protect the head from injury.

A man's head can be carried away spiritually, when I was in a community within Upper West, a particular woman had stormed the town with her child, she was fair and average in size, she was fond of playing with people but also fond of touching peoples heads.

This was very unusual, why should you make it a norm to touch my head when we talk or when close to me? The woman played with a lady who sells foodstuff and touched her head, the next thing was that the lady felt some pain and severe headache afterwards.

A man who stood by and could see quickly raised alarm and told the crowd the lady that had touched her head took it spiritually, she was called upon to undo what she did, she denied and was forced to the presence of the assembly man and some elders, they threatened to kill her if the lady suffers with the headache and dies, this kept some fear in her and as a result, she begged for elders and people to leave the room, afterwards she told them she was done and that they should come inn, they came inn and the victim confessed she was well again.

The demonic woman was told to confess why she attempted claiming the woman's head, she explained that in the spiritual realm she gets promoted and gets more favors when she donates more heads, she added that her grand mother gave that spiritual spell to her, something they could do nothing about.

The chiefs and People Banished her from the community and informed other nearby communities of her spiritual ways.

She is still likely to go somewhere and continue that practice, who knows maybe she could b close to you, just be careful with your head, there is no law against them.

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